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ALERT: Unity has received reports of scams where individuals purporting to be Unity HR representatives conduct bogus employment interviews via email or text, and then request payment as a condition for receiving an offer of employment. Please be aware that Unity does not conduct interviews by email or text, and will never request payment as a condition for applying for a position or receiving an offer of employment. These scam operators may also ask for your personal information (name, address, birthdate, social security number, etc.) which you should not provide to them. If you have been a target of such a scam, you should report it by contacting the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (see this FTC posting for further details) the office of your state Attorney General, or the government agency responsible for investigating matters such as this where you reside this FTC posting for further details) the office of your state Attorney General, or the government agency responsible for investigating matters such as this where you reside.


Business Development & Sales

Play a pivotal role in growing Unity’s reach and revenue

By recognizing the needs of potential customers and how our products and services can fulfill them, our Sales and Business Development team helps businesses thrive. Dedicated to helping our customers succeed, when we put our users first it drives us to innovate and deliver for them.

Data & Analytics

Turn data into information that makes a difference

Our data analysts discover insights about and for our users. Working across a wide range of disciplines, from marketing to monetization and machine learning, we put this data to work to create better products and experiences.


Guide creators on a journey of a lifetime

Through a combination of empathy and strategic thinking, our team creates beautiful and intuitive designs to invite users into the world of Unity. We put users first, advocating for their interests, to make sure their experience of Unity is smooth, their path is clear, and their purpose is inspired – everything they hoped it would be, and more.


Develop the tools for creators to build incredible things

Developing the Unity platform means designing, building, testing, and maintaining new features and products that enable artists, modellers and developers to create rich and interactive content. We are driving the future of how content is created and experienced.

Finance & Accounting

Take care of business

Responsible financial planning, strategic analysis, reporting, and process improvement are what pave the way for Unity to grow and succeed. From day-to-day bookkeeping to compliance and forecasting, our team informs and influences decisions that directly impact Unity’s bottom line.

IT & Security

Keep everyone safe, keep everything connected

Our team supports the infrastructure that keeps Unity humming. We devise the networking solutions that let employees and users do what they need to do. The team maintains the systems and manages the traffic, protecting the security and privacy of millions of people.


Protect the privacy and property of users and partners

We support ethical growth, for our company and for creators. The legal team supports every aspect of Unity and advocates on its behalf, from verifying the fine print to providing counsel on the stewardship of the business as we navigate the real-world complexities of tomorrow’s technology.

Product Management

Set the vision and strategy for Unity’s product landscape

As the world’s leading platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D (RT3D) content, Unity Product Management accelerates innovation by bringing new concepts to market and ensuring that current products continue to succeed.

Project Management