Role description

In order to evolve Unity into an even more advanced development solution, we are actively developing specialized technologies for specific fields and releasing them as “packages”.

The Solution Engineer will support the development of their own packages by working with other teams, and also contribute to the release of packages lead by other teams.

Our solution development team is working on innovative ways to introduce Unity to film production, automotive, construction, and other fields in addition to creating technology to enable game development, so this position requires a wide variety of knowledge, experience, and willingness to step outside of the comfort zone.

We at Unity are looking forward to finding a professional with great curiosity across a broad range of fields and industries and a dedication to turn Unity into a software with equally broad applications.


  •  Communicate with solution teams, as well as the core R&D team to make solutions developed within your own team widely available.
  •   Work with your team to lead technologies developed in many different fields in Japan.
  •   Make technical contributions to technologies developed by other teams.
  •   Update previously developed technologies as Unity is updated.
  •   Independently research and study information related to core Unity technologies and other topics in the field of computer graphics.


  •  3+ years’ professional experience with C/C++
  •  1+ years’ experience using Unity
  •  Basic knowledge of computer architecture
  •  3+ years’ professional experience developing real-time interactive applications such as video games, or professional experience in the film industry as a software engineer

Bonus points

  •    Basic knowledge of computer graphics.
  •    High level mathematics knowledge.
  •    Experience implementing a Unity editor expansion.
  •    English language abilities (TOEIC score 800 or above).
  •    Japanese language abilities (business level).

Who We Are

Unity is the creator of the world’s leading real-time 3D development platform, giving users the most powerful and accessible tools to create, operate, and monetize experiences for the real-time world. Unity empowers anyone, regardless of skill level and industry, to create 3D visual content using world-class technology, operate using resources that maximize ease-of-use, and monetize, so that they can find success with their creations.

The company’s 1,000 person development team keeps Unity at the forefront of development by working alongside partners such as Google, Facebook, Oculus, Autodesk, and Microsoft to ensure optimized support for the latest releases and platforms. Made with Unity experiences reach nearly 3 billion devices worldwide and have been installed more than 34 billion times in the last 12 months. For more information, please visit www.unity.com

Unity is an equal opportunity employer committed to fostering an inclusive, innovative environment with the best employees. Therefore, we provide employment opportunities without regard to age, race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, disability, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or any other protected status in accordance with applicable law. If there are preparations we can make to help ensure you have a comfortable and positive interview experience, please let us know.

Headhunters and recruitment agencies may not submit resumes/CVs through this Web site or directly to managers. Unity does not accept unsolicited headhunter and agency resumes. Unity will not pay fees to any third-party agency or company that does not have a signed agreement with Unity.







  • 他の地域(海外)のソリューションチームやUnityのコアR&Dチームとコミュニケーションをして、自分のチームで開発したソリューションを幅広く利用可能にします
  • チームと一緒に日本で開発されるテクノロジーのいくつかの領域の開発をリードします
  • 他のチームのメンバーが開発しているテクノロジーに対しても、技術的な貢献をします
  • Unityの更新に合わせて、開発したテクノロジーをアップデートします
  • 主にUnityのコア技術やコンピューターグラフィックスの分野について自主的に学習します


  • C/C++ での業務経験(3年以上)
  • Unityの使用経験(1年以上)
  • コンピュータアーキテクチャに関する基礎的な知識
  • ビデオゲームなどのリアルタイムインタラクティブアプリケーションの開発業務経験、もしくは映像分野でのソフトウェアエンジニアとしての業務経験(3年以上)


  • コンピューターグラフィックスに関する基礎的な知識
  • 高度な数学に関する知識
  • Unityエディター拡張等の実装経験
  • 英語(TOEIC800点以上相当)
  • 日本語(ビジネスレベル)

Unity について

Unity は、世界で最も広く使用されているリアルタイム 3D (RT3D)開発プラットフォームを生み出し、リッチでインタラクティブな2D、3D、VR、AR 体験を構築するためのツールを世界中のコンテンツクリエイターに提供しています。実際、Unity で作成されたアプリケーションは 世界中で 27億のデバイスに配信され、過去 12 か月間に 240億回以上インストールされています。

グローバルなエンジニアリングチームによって、Unityは常に最先端のテクノロジーをけん引し、Magic Leap、Google、Facebook、Oculus、Microsoft などのパートナーと連携して、最新の技術と プラットフォームに対し最適サポートを提供しています。Unity は、ゲーム分野を超えて発展し、自動車、映画、建築、エンジニアリング、建設など他の業界に参入し、リアルタイム革命に勢いを 与えています。

Unityは機会均等な雇用に努めており、優れた従業員で構成される包括的で革新的な環境の形成に取り組んでいます。そのため、Unityは年齢、人種、肌の色、祖先、国籍、障害、性別、またはその他の保護状態に関係なく適用法に従って雇用機会を提供します。快適で気持ちの良い面接を行うために 弊社にできることがあれば、お知らせください。  



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